Raccoons “Mask of Destruction”

Raccoons are animals we generally know very little about. The raccoon comes in 6 species. These are some raccoon facts that may delight or scare us. Raccoons are omnivorous and they eat whatever they find available in their environment. The diet of these furry animals depends on the habitat they find themselves in. If there are more sources of meat available, their diets are meat-based. Others find themselves in environments with more plants than animals to eat.

Raccoons have a taste for invertebrates more than vertebrates. However, they eat practically everything and do not make much distinction between live or decaying and rotten animals. This may be one of the more disgusting of raccoon facts we do not know. Ingesting parasites and bacteria from animal carcasses make them carriers of disease. Add to that, raccoons can also eat trash. Thus, raccoons carry quite a number of diseases. One of the worst kinds is parasite-borne and known as raccoon roundworm that can inflict blindness, even death, in humans.

Raccoons are very urbanized animals. Studies reveal that raccoon population densities are about ten times as high in urban areas than in wild areas. Cities and suburbs simply have more of the resources needed for raccoons to survive – shelter in our attics and under our buildings, and food from pet dishes, handouts, and of course dumpsters and trash cans.

Swatter Pest Solutions frequently get calls about raccoons that are causing problems around dumpsters and garbage cans. Raccoons are very strong and crafty, and they make a big mess. They love to tip over garbage cans to find food. A homeowner wakes up and finds a mess of garbage strewn across the yard. Oftentimes, the removal of just one or two “trouble raccoons” who have begun to engage in a destructive behavior will eliminate the problem, so call Swatter Pest Solutions today.

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