Take professional help to get easy freedom from ticks

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Scratching Flea

Tibetan Mastiff Dog Scratching Flea

Ticks can be very annoying and a nuisance for not just you, but your family and pets as well. These can infest your home and your lawn. The biggest worry these hitchhikers carry is the vulnerability for many harmful blood-borne diseases, like Lyme disease and others which can even prove fatal for your beloved pets. Ticks find their hosts by detecting animals’ breath and body odors, or by sensing body heat, moisture and vibrations. They are incapable of flying or jumping, but many tick species wait in a position known as “questing”. While questing, ticks hold onto leaves and grass by their third and fourth pair of legs.

How to keep such annoying creatures at bay

Ticks being sensitive to dry conditions, you should first ensure your property does not seem to be an attractive ground. Most well-maintained lawns seldom face this problem and ticks do not thrive in short vegetation. Try cleaning up items that can prove potential breeding grounds for such nuisance causing insects. Lawn’s affected with ticks can be treated with tick-resistant insecticides, where one or two applications per season are usually enough for keeping these away.

Stray dogs and cats are often carriers of such ticks, so try keeping your home bred pets away from such free-roaming animals. For pets infected with ticks, it’s always advised to contact a vet soon who can help with the tick treatment. Vacuuming indoors occasionally can be a great step in keeping ticks away.

Don’t worry help is available

You can easily find a reliable professional at Swatter Pest Solutions LLC, who can offer tick control, lawn treatment and removal services efficiently. Ticks, members of the arachnid’s class, can prove really dangerous for you as well as your pets’ well-being. A DIY approach does not work always, but an expert here help can present reliable and efficient results at most instances.

Enjoy your landscape while protecting your home from nature’s invaders. Are you looking for a family owned company that will give you the personal service you have been looking for? Look no further call Swatter Pest Solutions LLC at 813-245-4853; homeowners get the treatment and solution they seek.

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